Chinese 90s Kids.

By James Li, Talon Staff Writer

Between the competition of the employment market between university graduates, and the growing prices of the housing market China, the generation of 20th Century has faced too much pressure in their lifetime, even though some of them are still young. Such as 17-18 years old students who have studied abroad for 3-4 years. This article will show the situation of teenagers who I have interviewed and their wish of future.

“I can’t make it, I have tried to quit,but I can’t do that either. My parents gave me their all to let me have this chance to have a better education” Caroline said her first memory of life in America was pulling two 30 pounds suitcases after taking a 13 hour flight. On top of that, the food here is totally different than it is in her original culture. However, she is an only child in her family, all the parents’ hope is carried on her. That’s only reason she studies really hard and didn’t choose to quit and go back to China. Fortunately, she already joined the American society after 3 years, and been a part of Christian.What’s more, in order not pressure her parents financially, she chose to go to community college for two years, and transfer to UC Davis where she wants to study interior design. For family, she is willing to have two kids, because she think that single child surfaces too much pressure from parents.

According to the interviewing with 4 same age teenagers, I get the same thoughts about family from them. There is some interesting information; all of them have decided to get married at the age of 26. I have thought the reasons why this happened is because we will graduate from colleges at age of 22-23. Having 3-4 years of work experience can help make finances more stable, which means the marriage will not be negatively influenced by stressful economic conditions.
In conclusion, what I realized is that the younger Chinese generation have to think as early as they can about the future. Most Chinese young people want to do better than their parents, putting pressure on their decisions.