Respect for Pluto

By Aidann Merrel, Talon Staff Writer

Pluto, the ninth planet to orbit the sun. But is it really a planet? Or is it just a chunk of rock? All the facts seem to support that it’s just that: a rock caught in the sun’s gravitational pull. This week I went around campus and asked a few people of their thoughts about this subject. This is what I got.

“Who cares about Pluto? It’s just a rock.” said Alexis Sasere. She disagreed with the thought of Pluto being a planet, pointing out that it is an “over sized pebble”. Her opinion inspired me to question her further. I asked what motivated her to say what she said, her response was a quote from Wikipedia saying: “Pluto is composed primarily of rock and ice, and is relatively small”.

Pluto was denounced a planet by International Astronomical Union, and had a new category made for it called dwarf planets. Izzy Alfaro seems to disagree with this change.

“It’s not complete without Pluto, like all the other planets it was named after a greek god.” Izzy argued. She is a major fan of the greek gods, and as she pointed out, it isn’t complete without Pluto. Pluto has been part of the planets list for a long time, being taught to children as the ninth planet. It was unfair that the IAU bumped Pluto into a whole new category.

Anyone can take action, and maybe sometime in the future, someone can start a petition and gather signatures to restore Pluto as the ninth planet.