Springtime Poem

By Jacob Shupp, Talon Staff writer

My name is Jacob, and I like Spring. So much, in fact, that I was inspired to write a poem about it. Springtime is a wonderful time where we get a week off of school. The temperature rises and winter drowns out as we start to transition into Summer. So please enjoy this wonderful poem and remember that Spring is close by and waiting for us.

Springtime is a time that everyone loves

When the sky is full of pigeons and doves

It’s a great celebration because

Springtime is the time I like most.

Fully embracing the fresh spring air

With freshly grown plants and such everywhere

Being tended to with utmost care

In springtime, the time I like most.

The beautiful colors the flowers hast

Are the things I wish would truly last

And the temperature rising alarmingly fast

In springtime, the time I like most.

The crisp, cool waters offer a break

From the warm, hot sun which many may hate

For there’s only so much a person can take

For it’s springtime, the time I like most.

Winter is nearing its inevitable

And springtime is just around the bend

So I’ll be waiting until then

For springtime, the time I like most.