The Best of Spring

By Ify Nwebube, Talon Staff writer

As the clouds disappear

the sun shines bright

The songs of the birds we hear

As we go out and play

we have all day

Until it turns to night

Spring goes on and flowers bloom

Showing colors that are oh, so unique

Wonders with a beautiful fume

An astounding thing

That God does bring

Flowers that eventually fill a boutique

During the Spring there is much to adore

Filled with much love

Wanting fun much more

Laughs fill the air

As jokes are cracked everywhere

The sun shines from above

As the season comes to an end

Summer will begin

Making us say goodbye to a well-known friend

Grass we go away from

Beaches say welcome

But as a favorite, Spring will win

This poem basically describes what this upcoming season, Spring, is really about. Spring is when we get to go outside and enjoy the sun and the warm weather, instead of going inside and being sheltered from the cold like we do in the winter.

We get to see all of the flowers bloom into wonderful colors like dashing red and flashy yellow. Birds are ready to show their own colors and sing their beautiful songs. We also get to enjoy the sun instead of getting wet from the rain, even though we didn’t get a lot of rain this winter. Spring is when we get to enjoy seeing the best colors from insects and how their true colors are seen. Getting to see beautiful insects and their colors are always one of the best aspects of spring.

Loving what God has given us is always a plus. This is the best of Spring.

This is Spring.