The Gutenberg Legacy

Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg

By Tyler Gonsalves, Talon Staff writer

The funny thing about Mr. Gutenberg is that when the printing press came out The first thing that he thought of was to print the Bible and spread it to all. I find this remarkable because he was so devoted, so in touch with God as to only think of God’s will, and what He wanted. Most of us at that time would have probably only thought about ourselves and done what we wanted and what we desired. But no, this man loved God so much as to die for His undying truth of God. I wish I was more like that, don’t you?

His whole story is really amazing, now I’m not going to tell every little detail but a good part of it. Now Johannes Gutenberg was a man of Scholar and Education. He was quite well versed in the publishing and the printing community, and since he developed the printing press it probably helped. He was mostly know for this and the Gutenberg Bible, otherwise known as the 42-lined Bible.

I know I have said this before in this story but have you taken the time out of your day to worship God in the correct way? This man’s first priority was to spread the magnificent word of God, I know that most of us would rather tell our friends about the newest games, or the newest movies and things like that. But I tell you today that the newest, most cutting edge game and movie combined is God’s Word, it has the best graphics and the fastest processor. The main characters are so moving and amazing, that you get so intertwined with them and become attached to them. That is what these men felt towards God, well of course I’m paraphrasing but besides that, save a special place for men like these who were willing to give their lives for the love of God.

The Bible says to guard God’s Word with all of your heart and soul to protect and serve it and lay down your life for it. Are you ready for that challenge?