Jonathan Edwards

By Sherry Yuan, Talon Staff writer

 Jonathan Edwards was born in 1705. His father was a congregational pastor, and his mother was the daughter of most influential pastoral leader in Northampton, Solomon Stoddard. So while he wa a child, he was already living around how to be a wowser. In 1716, he attended Yale University, he was so interested in Newton and Locke’s thought. It also established his deep influent in the future.

 However, in 1727, he had a strange experience, after that he recognized God and how people depend on God. During the same year, his grandfather Solomon Stoddard at the invitation of a curate, in Northampton, Massachusetts became the Anglican vice minister. Stowe preaching ability, have a very good reputation, had advocated “Half-Way Covenant”. This means that someone has not been saved, but can take communion, but in this way, the letter and do not believe the limit virtually disappeared, hybrid, since the holy and profane as one, it is not necessary to separate the Christian holy living, so that believers indifferent, but most is to be neither hot nor cold.In 1729, the grandfather stowe’s death, he was appointed to northampton the director of the Anglican priest.He and other local priest, feel lethargic church, more than faith life even moral life is slack, he is extremely concerned to the soul, want to reform this situation many times.

He will exalt God’s sovereign , original sin and evil, God’s grace and glory. He believed that God is absolutely sovereign, proposed “the grace of God is everything”; and that people can not rely on their own behavior to be saved, because of what human nature became during the fall, an absolute ruin; but who is able to avoid to hell, all because of God’s grace and mercy to hold fast to the people..

He was convinced that a truly saved people, there are the Holy Spirit’s presence in his life as a mark, external behavior will reflect his inner life is true. He is a very strict discipline, but his self-discipline is from a yearning, a share God’s beautiful holy desires, this is also the importance in his writings emphasized religious emotion.