By–Grace Liu, Talon Staff writer

Athanasius, one of the most important person in the Christian history.  He was

known as “Athanasius Contra Mundum”.

He was the first to make the New Testament together; he was the first

person to help people clearly understand God and the nature of Jesus Christ. One of the most famous books he wrote was On the Incarnation.

He worked for  Alexandria 46 years as a bishop, but only 29 years in the city of

Alexandria, by his strong personality, and to god the loyalty of a fully committed,

he always hold a good job as a bishop.

In that time, it was hard to understand what was God, lord and Jesus. Athanasius

help the Christian to understand this three things were one God. Athanasius held

his own faith in God, he obeyed God, try his whole life to show us his faith and

helped people to understand God. He had lots of problems during his eternal life.

We can see how big the contribution Athanasius gave this world.