The Light in the Dark

By Tyler Gonsalves, Talon Staff Writer

       We all have them, all of our so called “dumb” fears are just part of our life. For some it may be spiders or heights, for others it may be the dark. Whatever it is, God can help us through it.

     When I was a small child, I didn’t really know God so I couldn’t really ask Him for help, but since you are reading this I think that you know Him quite well. The problem or phobia I had as a child was shapes in the dark. Not necessarily the dark but dark objects that I could barely see in the dark. I was petrified right after I was tucked into bed and my mom turned out the lights. I would always think that the obscure object was a man waiting and watching me. Looking back, it was a total exaggeration of what it actually was. Usually the object was a jacket or robe hanging on the door. Under the covers I was safe, I don’t know why I felt safe under the warmth of my blankets, but I did. It felt as if a murder would stop and say “Get out of the cover so I can kill you!” But now I am over that fear because in 4th grade I really found God when an inspirational speaker came to our chapel and shared the word of God.

     Others may have other fears that have nothing to do with what I was afraid of, but I may be able to help you through those fears that frighten and constrict you. First you must know God, and what he has done for you. Second you must ask for forgiveness. Then pray to God for the strength to get through the dark, the fall of a roller coaster, or through fear of school. Whatever it may be, God can help you through it.Trust in Him, love Him, and never fear Him. Rely on Him to help with your fears.

     As it says in John 1:5 “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” That means that the light overpowers the dark. So God will help you in your distress, there is no doubt about that. But whatever it is that you need to do, whether it be turning on a night light or leaving the light on, just don’t run up you electricity bill, do it. God will aid you.