Theodore Roosevelt

By Jalina Archuleta, Talon Staff Writer

    Theodore Roosevelt is a highly regarded by scholars as one of the best and most well respected presidents in the United States. He served a two year term. Theodore was a republican, but founded the progressive party. Between 1914-1917 Theodore campaigned an American entry for World War I, However he didn’t just support war, he won a nobel peace prize for negotiating an end to the Russo-Japanese war.  Theodore helped the average citizens a lot,  for example he introduced a set of policies called the “square deal” the policies broke up big companies from monopolistic ways. Many people related to him because he wasn’t born rich and he had to work for his wealth. Although Theodore was a great president he was also known for many other things. He was known as an author, naturalist, explorer, historian and an excellent politician. Many people know him as a president, many people don’t know that he had a love for riding horses and raising livestock.  Shortly after World War I Theodore’s health rapidly declined. In 1919 he died of polio. In conclusion, Theodore left a legacy of reshaping policies which continues to helping us today in making the United States the country where millions of people want to live.