Ask Fire Lane! – Can You Sleep Upside Down?

The sloth. I think we can all relate. If you're tired enough, it doesn't matter what direction your head is pointing.

The sloth. I think we can all relate. If you’re tired enough, it doesn’t matter what direction your head is pointing.

Someone recently asked me, Fire Lane, if sleeping upside down is possible. I consulted a few neighbor friends who hang out in trees and they informed me that yes, sleeping upside down is not unusual for them.

Actually, they didn’t really tell me. I saw it. They didn’t quite inform me as much as I kind of observed it first hand. You see, they were all sleeping whenever I went over to their tree to talk to them.

For us squirrels, sleeping upside down can be easily enough accomplished, as we are rather skilled in the art climbing upside down on the sides of porch screens, roof overhangs, bird feeders and tree branches looking for bird seed and other tasty treats. Normally, we sleep in our nests, like birds do. But once in a while, we like to hang out for a bit in the upside down mode.

For you human beings, I can’t imagine such a position would be comfortable. I know of no human being who actually does sleep upside down, but then again I know more about acorns that the sleep habits of man.

But then this brings up the whole question of what one means by upside down. If you go camping in Antarctica somewhere near the South Pole, are you technically sleeping upside down? What if you go camping on the island Isla Wollaston at the very tip of South America, with your head pointing toward Antarctica? Is that upside down?

This is one reason I like being a squirrel. Human philosophy is much more difficult than finding, storing and eating acorns.

I would not recommend philosophy or sleeping upside down. Both of them can make your head hurt.

I’m sorry I could not be of more assistance, but I do hope I was of some help no less.

Fire Lane – right side up – and out!