Abraham Lincoln

By Sherry Tallon Staff Writer

 There have been lots of presidents in United States, such as George Washington who was one of the first presidents. Also we had John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Today I would like to introduce a famous president named Abraham Lincoln.

  Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States. He was also a famous republican politician and ideologist. Besides being the sixteenth American president, Lincoln was also president during the civil war. As he guided the nation through this troublesome time, he was acknowledged for his great speeches, fairness, and honestness. He was called “Honest Abe” as a result of this. Lincoln defeated the southern secessionist movement, saying that regardless of race,  everyone was born with  equal rights. Some other achievements he accomplished during his service as president included abolishing slavery in rebel states, and promulgated the “Homestead Act”, and “The Emancipation Proclamation”. Shortly after the civil war, Lincoln was assassinated, he was the first time a president was assassinated in the U.S.A. Still, Abraham is remembered for all the good things he had done. In 2005, a poll was held, and the nation elected Lincoln as the greatest figure of the United States.

  Lincoln’s father was a shoemaker and money was scarce, in his own words, his childhood was a poor concise chronicle. When Abraham was small, he helped the family to move fuel, water, dry farm work and so on. His parents were descendants of British immigrants, skilled in farming and hunting. In 1816, Lincoln’s family moved to southwest Indiana, becoming farmers for a living. Unfortunately, at the age of 9, his 36 years old mother died, thus cultivating his independent thinking ability and service, the height of 193cm grew up, but always give a person with the most calm melancholy impression.A year later, the father and the one called Sarah Bush kindness enlightened married women. The stepmother kindly treat hard, husband’s ex-wife’s child as her own, to love Kobayashi Katsumitsu, Lincoln dear mother, one family live in harmony and happiness. Due to poverty, Lincoln education level is not high. In order to maintain the family, young Lincoln served on the Ohio river ferry workers, plantation workers.

  Lincoln is funny person. The young Lincoln in the state of Illinois to join the militia sangamo. His captain commander is a short one, and Lincoln especially tall, greatly exceeded the commander. Because I think tall, Lincoln used to hang a head, walk with a stoop. The Colonel saw his stooped posture is very angry, and find him scolded a meal.

“Listen, man,” the Colonel shouted, “lift your head up high, this guy!”

“Yes, sir.” Answered Lincoln politely.

“Your head high up, you guys,” Colonel insisted, “to raise some.”

Lincoln had to take the body straight, asked neck outstretched,: “it?”

“Going up.” The colonel said.

“Is it right? I always like this?” Lincoln asked.

“Of course, you guys, it also used to ask?” Captain blaze.

“I’m sorry, Captain,” Lincoln with a smile said: “so say acoustical good-bye with you, because I will not see you!”

  I am so glad that we have such a good president, finally, I would like to quote a sentence to finish my journal,”Character is like a forest, fame is like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of something, the tree is that thing.”