Journalists Playing Basketball

By Preston Heart, Talon Staff writer

Kolby Charles, Jalina Archuleta, Jessica Brock, Ify Nwebube all have one thing in common.

Well, two things actually – basketball and journalism.

 I recently interviewed all of them about their basketball season at RCS.

Jessica told me that the basketball season went well. Jessica, a 7th grader in journalism, played wing. Her favorite games were against Fremont and Milpitas because  they are some of the best teams. Her favorite moment in a game would be seeing everyone being very competitive and hanging out with new people.

Ify Nwebube is in 8th grade, and played center and post. Her favorite moments in basketball in the season would be the last playoff game against Fremont Christian, and being able to come back and tie and sadly lose in overtime. When she was playing basketball she liked the coach very much because he kept a positive mood and helped them a lot with shooting and passing the ball. With that, all of the people on the team scored at least one point. Ify loved that she was a starter, and that she got to play with all of the people from last year and having some laughs, and getting new jerseys.

Jalina Archuleta. She really loved everything in the season. Her favorite experience was to be in the playoffs. She played wing and point. Her favorite thing about her coach was that he was patient and understanding with the girls. She felt that they were a strong team,and they really encouraged each other. The girls were okay in the rebounding, but they would drop the ball.

Kolby Charles. His position was an all around player. His favorite thing about the season was the game where  he scored thirty points against Tabernacle.  His coach was great, and had a great sense of humor. He felt that they were a solid team, but with rebounding they were not the best. They had a great starting five, and they finished third.