True Love

By Kolby Charles, Talon Staff writer

Valentines Day is about appreciating and showing respect to the people you love, and the people who truly love you back. Numerous people show me love everyday from family members, to my friends, and others I am close to. We as people will show our affection to our loved ones on the 14th of the second month. Those people, or that one special person in your life can make you feel a way that is almost perfection or too good to be true but can also bother you in some ways.
In those cases, you just have to compromise and deal with but if it’s the right person you know it’s good and out of love. They may be criticizing you to make the best and good come out of it or they may just mess around and play with you, but it’s usually for a reason and to make something out of it. So this Valentines Day I will be showing the love and affection to people in my life like this because I know they are there for me in the end.