Spirit Week Recap

By Jessica Brock, Staff writer

Spirit Week of Mishaps and Glorious Moments


Well, as we head home from school and think about what we did during the week, I hope that people went home with a good feeling. It was fun to participate in Spirit Week due to the themes, and I hope that something like that will be done again for next year. The locker decorating was my favorite part. The seventh graders had vines on the back wall, and had coins hanging down from the ceiling.


I heard one particular seventh grader yell out, “I collected all the coins. I beat Temple Run.”

The sixth graders had the most entertaining dance/song. They sang “Roar,” by Katy Perry. As they sang about gold and lifted up their hands, a flock of geese flew overhead, and I’m sure that the whole student body was thinking about “gold” raining down onto their heads! It was hilarious! When it came to the games, eighth grade had us all beat. They blazed through the games with flying colors, and won all around for Spirit Week!


The Council and teachers played a huge part in getting this Spirit Week together. We, the Talon, applaud you. It was nicely done, and it was great to see the grades come together, as a team, and as a school.