Space Rabbit

By Lan Jiang

      In the recently years, there has been huge improvement in Chinese space technology, especially with the landing of Chang’e 3 Rover on the moon last year, even establishing a new milestone in the spaceflight area.

       Chang’e is name of a god who lives in the moon in Chinese ancient myth. She, a legend woman, stole queen’s immortal herbs. To run away from the blame, she flew to the moon and lives there forever. The name of the lunar Rover, “Yutu”, is Chang’e’s pet in this story. “Tu” stand for rabbit in Chinese, so the lunar rover also has two long “ears”.  “Yu” represents high-quality jade, which describes how white and adorable the rabbit is.

       Chang’e 3 Rover is the hardest and most complex technology in space in China so far, it is not only made in China but also designed by China. Indeed,  space has been very political issue in China, for the government wants to establish itself in space community, demonstrating the countries’ scientific and technologic powers. But seeing the Chinese national flag stand on the moon really made all Chinese people proud.