Car Key Conundrum

By: Justin Dzoan

Make sure you've got your keys!

Make sure you’ve got your keys!

The night of December 23rd.

‘Twas a very gloomy, and lonely night.

I ended up going the distance of four miles in 56 minutes. Let me tell you my tale.

I got my membership to Planet Fitness at Southland Mall on Saturday, December 21st. I was real excited to start working out on my spare time. Especially since it was a three-minute drive from my house.

The first time I worked out there it was a little awkward, since I did not know anyone there. While I was there, I tried to get in as many workouts as I could. I worked out my arms, chest, and legs, and I ended up running two miles in 16 minutes on the treadmill. After two hours at the gym, I decided to leave. I went to my car, opened the trunk, and poured my protein into my shaker bottle and mixed it with water. After I chugged it, I put it back in the trunk and shut it. I went around to the driver’s side and  attempted to open the door.

At that moment I realized I left my keys in the trunk.

Not wanting anyone, especially my father, to find out, I decided to walk home. It was getting dark and cold. It took me 20 minutes to walk a mile back to my house. Some houses in my neighborhood are pretty sketchy so I quickly jogged past them.

When I finally got home, I had to devise a plan to get the spare key and leave the house before anyone found out. I knocked on the door and when my brother opened it, I rushed in. I played it cool until I found the key. I found my brother and I started to spaz and act as if I left my wallet at the gym! He didn’t really care so I darted out and ran back to the gym.

Running back to Planet Fitness also took 20 minutes because I got tired of running and just walked. When I finally got to the parking lot, I was afraid Travis Whitfield would see me, since he planned to work out after I did. I sprinted to my car, avoiding the blue Ford Mustang and hurriedly got into my car.

It was over.

Safe in my car, I could now go home. I learned my lesson. Always unlock your doors first before doing anything else. And do not lock the doors or close the trunk until you know you have your keys on you.

P.S. This situation happened again after school the day we came back from break. I left my keys in my jeans, threw the jeans into the backseat, locked my car from the inside and shut it. Travis took me home to get my spare and brought me back. At least I didn’t have to walk this time.