Niners, Big Win, Steep Mountain

By Preston Hart

   Niners, Niners, Niners! That was all that I heard last night when they won. The final score was Packers 20, Niners 23. Jim Harbaugh made a decision at the 26-second mark in the 4th quarter to put the field goal unit in from his team. The Packers were very worried that they were going to lose, not only was this a wild card match, this was in Green Bay. The Niners were very confident that they were going to win because the field goal was only at the 33 yard mark. It was still a good win for the Niners, just to boost their confidence. This game showed how strong the Niners actually were, being that it was not a home game and it was 5 degrees outside and everyone was practically frozen.

        The Niners could have won by a higher margin if they would have ran more. As you could see on the first couple Niner’s plays, the Packers could not stop Frank Gore from getting a first down. I really do look up to Frank Gore, he is such an amazing runner who is fast and hard to stop. He has set a lot of running records in the NFL. I also think that the Niners should have Colin Kaepernick, their quarterback, run a lot more. As you could see in some of his games when he runs, he is very fast. He can juke and get touchdowns just from one run.

    Another way that the Niners could have won by a bigger margin would have be to have Colin Kaepernick throw more  accurately. I do have to admit Kaepernick is a good all around quarterback, sometimes he gets a little sloppy.

   The Niners have one of the best wide receiving squads in in the league; Anquan Boldin, Vernon Davis, and Michael Crabtree. They are very good players who can jump high and catch those inaccurate passes from Kaepernick. Anquan Boldin was just traded this year from the Ravens to the Niners. In the first game of the season he was phenomenal. Anquan Boldin is a very crucial player when it comes to third downs. In last year’s Super Bowl Anquan had this amazing catch in the end zone out of a defensive player’s hands and as a result of that he got a touchdown.

  The Niners are not playing B teams anymore. In my opinion, they only got to the playoffs because of the teams they have played. Now they have to dig deep to win instead of smashing all of the teams that are not very good.

       The thing that I think every Niner fan is worried about is the Carolina Panthers. Carolina is a very solid team with one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL., Cam Newton. He has a very good eye and also has a great way to get out of trouble and step into the pocket. Their record is 12-4 with their last two wins being the Saints which the score was 13-17 Panthers. Their other win was the Arizona Falcons which was a very slim win of 20-21 Panthers. The Panthers are the first in the NFC Southern Division, also a little thing to look at is that the Panthers were the winner of the Panthers and Niners game in the regular season game which the score was 10-9, Panthers.

    The big factor of the Carolina vs Niners game is if the players are healthy, and playing well. If everyone is healthy it will be a very good game, my prediction for the game is that Panthers are going to win by either a touchdown or a field goal. I do not think that anyone is going to run away with the game, but if someone did I would not be surprised if the Niners ran away with the game.

   This will be a very huge game in the NFL. When the Carolina Panthers pull out their star offense there is almost no stopping them, but the Niners has one of the best defense in the NFL, in my mind. They do not let a lot of passes just get past them, if you want to beat the Niners then you have to trick them and get your running game on with a very good running back. Even though the Niners are not my favorite football team I do have some respect for them. The Niners are a team who can come back from a deficit as you could see in the last Super Bowl. They came back from a little bit of a lead, but they still lost, but just by a little bit.

   This is going to be a ferocious game that will be played until the last second. I really do recommend watching this on Sunday at 10:05 A.M. But as God says in Philippians 4:13 says,”I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Only God can say what goes and what doesn’t goes, so if the Niners win, thank God if they lose then still thank God. God is the reason why the Niners are there. I really do think that people do not appreciate what God has done for them. Good luck to both teams.