Previous Generation Memories

By Gabrielle Juslin

    I know a few weeks ago all of the Talon reporters wrote stories about our favorite memory from our childhood. Well I decided to go a generation further and I asked my mom what her favorite childhood memory was. You should have seen her reaction when I asked her, she said she had to think very hard back to her childhood. But then the story hit her.

    My mother grew up with five other siblings, all boys. To put it simply, her life was chaotic. Being the second oldest in the family of eight she had to take a lot of the homelife responsibilities on her own shoulders. She actually had to raise her youngest brother from when he was born to when he could walk because her mother and father were both hard working middle-class citizens.

     But out of all the chaos, and all the hard work my mom thought back to one of the best times during the summer. It happened on the hottest of summer days she said when a man and a cart would come to the corner of all streets, kinda like an ice cream man. However, instead of ice cream he would be giving out fresh juicy watermelons.

    My mom would remember him shouting at the top of his voice “WAAAAATERMELLON MAN!!!” Over and over he would come by all the kids that would play on the street and hand out the delicious watermelons. She said as soon as the kids heard him everyone would run to him and then they would sit on the sidewalks finishing their watermelon.