Forget Cell Phones – How About a Sousaphone?

By Bryn Sandine

Marching band is a fun way to express musical talent while doing physical activity.

While researching on the internet,I found these tips about marching band:
1. Let it be known that after a day of marching your instrument shall temporarily gain 20 pounds until the next day, when it shall lose 20 pounds.
2. no matter what drastic measures you go through, You’ll never be at the right temperature in your uniform.
3. A band without strange and odd rituals at the show prep area is hardly a band at all.
4. It is a fact that as soon as you take 10 minutes to finally get all suited up in your band uniform, you are going to have to use the bathroom.
5. Thou shalt never, ever touch another’s personal instrument. Doing so will result in a curse of polishing the instrument forever more or the loss of a hand. Seriously.

Load one of these bad boys on your shoulder in full band uniform during summer practices!

Try loading one of these bad boys on your shoulder in full band uniform during summer and then blow your lungs out! Band ain’t easy but it’s fun!

To get more information about what life is like in a marching band, I talked to my friend Tanner Winthrop. He plays the sousaphone in his high school band. He band uniform includes a sparkly vest and a hat. Who wouldn’t want to walk around carrying a heavy instrument while sweating through your sparkles? His school participates in marching band competitions based on criteria like how you march (rhythm) and sound. He marches more than a mile or two.

Marching band is no joke. Just ask the Ohio state marching band. They spelled out Ohio in cursive on the football field and form shapes. So marching band is some serious stuff.