Noah and the Ark

By: Travy Whitfield
The story of Noah and the Ark is one that we all know pretty well. The Lord saw that the world was wicked and was going to destroy it with a flood but he saw that Noah was the only righteous man on Earth and wanted to save him and his family. God commanded Noah to build an ark and take a pair of each kind of animal with him so they could repopulate the earth after the 40 days and 40 nights of rain were over.

The gist of this story is easy to understand, but there are many questions that people still have about it. Did it even happen? And if it did, how did Noah fit all of the animals on the Ark? Were there dinosaurs? Didn’t the animals eat each other? Well here are the answers for your burning questions.

“From chapters such as Leviticus 11, it is obvious that the created kind (min in Hebrew, in Genesis 1:11–12, 21,24–25)” ( was a much broader category than the modern term of classification,species.” In other words, the way scientists understand animals today isn’t the way in which they were described in Scripture. Species of animals as we know them today are as a result of human classification system that simply did not exist in the time of Noah. This isn’t a contradiction, it’s two different ways of understanding animals.

The topic of dinosaurs being on the boat is very interesting. Today we don’t know how many types of dinosaurs there were around in the past. We think of dinosaurs being gargantuan, however only about 16 percent of dinosaurs weighed more than 10 tons. ( It is highly probable that the dinosaur weren’t fully grown during their time on the ark. They were young and didn’t reach weights of several hundred tons until they were off of the ark. (

There is also scientific evidence of a worldwide flood in the world that still exists today. Dr Leonard Brand of Loma Linda University in California studied on the Coconino Sandstone which showed footprints from animals that were made by living amphibians and reptiles under water.

( The evidence from Science, scripture, and history have all pointed to a worldwide flood actually happening. So what will you do with this evidence? The choice is yours.