Creation and Evolution

By Lan Jiang

Two years ago, in the same winter, I had my first bible class in Mr. Gillette’s classroom. Before that, I wasn’t really familiar with the Bible. Actually, I hadn’t even read Bible before. I only knew some little pieces of famous Bible story from foreign novels and movies.

The first time I felt strong doubt about what the Bible told me was in Mrs. Boyd’s biology class, during the time we talked about how the earth was formed. In mainland China, all the schools teach evolution from elementary school. Although we do know about creation from the book, no one takes it seriously and no one really knows the details about creation. Teachers never bring this idea to class. So when I first actually learned about creation, I felt my worldview being totally turned over. In the back of my head, I still believe evolution is the truth. Even after online research, I know that evolution is not the truth, yet, it is still hard for me to accept the idea of creation.
I can’t deny what the Bible says because I haven’t read through the Bible.

Actually I do believe the New Testament is truth because they were from forty or more different writers over a long period of time. If it is not true, it wouldn’t still exist and still be the best selling book in the world. But the environment that we grow up with plays an important role in our beliefs.