How Not to Ask a Girl to Homecoming: Read Body Language

I probably could have seen this rejection coming, but I kept on with the mission nonetheless. So this girl and I had been talking for a while. It seemed as if it was going to work, until one day, maybe two days before I planned on asking, the conversations became more awkward feeling and short.

Cue number one.

The day came. As per my style, I had no props or flowers; I just planned on asking in a straightforward manner. So I spotted her en route between classes, and she appeared to change direction as to avoid me.

Cue number two.

Oh, I wasn’t going to give up that easy, wasn’t I? “There might be an explanation for this, I’ll follow her,” I said to myself. She picked up the pace.

Cue number three.

So we were almost running at this point, and I still decided to blurt out, “Hey, will you go to homecoming with me?”

“No,” she said as she continued on her brisk pace, as she got lost in the crowd of the senior hallway.

So, what did we learn today?

There are obvious signs that a girl is about to reject you on your homecoming proposition.

1. Read body language.

2. Don’t be afraid to pull the ejector handle and parachute back down to the ground.

3. If she’s physically running away, don’t start running.

Learn and laugh from my experiences, Homecoming is right around the corner. January 17, 2014.