Don’t Put Your Finger in a Juicer

By Lan

Childhood memories

   In our childhood, all of us have done various stupid and funny things. It might be the shame of your life but also the treasure of your life. These all kinds of experience add up and made you grew up.

   This thing is actually happened on my friend from elementary school. One day, his mum was making fresh juice for him. He was staring at the juicer observing the orange spin inside the machine.

   Suddenly a thought came up to his mind, the knife is only in the bottom of the machine, so how come the orange on the top side could be squeezed? What is going on in that huge cup? “I just wanted find out the truth” he said later. So he put his finger into that huge cup and it was  squeezed. He didn’t attended school for a week. When he came back, the school even put this on bulletin and warning us “Don’t put your finger in juicer!”