History of Thanksgiving

By Alex and Lan

  In China, Thanksgiving is not so common. We don’t have delicious turkey or pumpkin piles. So we did some research about the history of this holiday.

   In 1620, a ship from England named “Mayflower” landed in the New World. But only part of the travelers survived the voyage. Plenty of people died of disease and lack of food. The next year, 1621, they planned to construction their own little town. They started collecting food, cut down trees for wood and prepared to plant crops.

  Suddenly, the miracle appears, a Native American named Squanto came and started speaking fluent English. The clan he belonged to was destroyed by disease. He was the only one who survived because he was captured by Europeans.

    He taught them the Native American skill of planting, hunting and building to support themselves and  prepare piles of crop for horrible winter. The Pilgrims who survived the first year in the New World gathered together and had a meal with the Natives. They thanked God that He gave them a wonderful land but also a good guide in order to survive.