Yeah Buoy

By Zachary Harmon

I have a rather small family. Mostly its my parents and my grandparents. We’re the only one on the west coast. For years and years we would go up to Lake Tahoe, where my Grandparents had a cabin. My grandfather and I would have monopoly tournament, its usually the two of us, playing a tournament.

Ever since Redwood started giving us an entire week off, we’ve been taking cruises. It’s an odd tradition, going Mexico on a ship, and having thanksgiving turkey prepared by people from countries.

Equally as odd as my tradition, I’m thankful for the data buoys. Why? As odd as it sounds, Data buoys changed my life. when I was just in the fourth or 5th grade when my mom said to me “Hey check this out” and she showed me the web page of the data buoy. Since then I began researching buoys and the ocean, and all the funny government acronyms, like NDBC, NOAA, NWS, and SWPC (just copy and paste those into Google, plenty of good reading). Since then I’ve developed this passion for the sea. Looking back, if God had not put buoys in my life, I would not be the same person, and for that I am grateful.