Dancing Back in the Day

By: Travy Whitfield

IMG_0662When you think of a dance, what do you see? Bright lights, a DJ, and some loud music? Have you ever wondered how people in the old days used to party? Well I have the answer to your burning question.

Back in Colonial America you could sometimes expect anything from fiddlers playing in the corner of a room, to pianos, French horns, organs and harmonicas to be the music played at a dance. People kept rythym by stomping their feet on the ground, creating a loud bass sound much like speakers and the 808 drums do for us today. The parties were thrown in different places, the more extravagant parties were thrown in city capitals in big halls. Parties also were thrown in the chambers of big mansions as well.

The different types of dances that Colonial Americans liked to do originated in England and France, dancing back then was considered to be blessed by Saint Vitus, the blessed patron of dance. Professional dances happened in lavish balls which were usually birthday parties and other types of special events that were held by members of the upper class. The dances included minuets , allemandes, and hornpies were more commonly performed in the wealthier society. As time went on, “country dance” became more popular throughout the colonies, like square dancing for example. The Bible says that we all should dance, it’s a way for us to praise The Lord! Psalm 149:3 says, “Let them praise his name with dancing, making melody to him with tambourine and lyre!”