The Light Bulb

By: Preston Hart

     The light bulb. It may appear simple, but it is much more complicated than that. The light bulb was invented in the early 1800’s, only candles, oil lanterns, and lamps were used for light resources before then.

     In 1809 an English chemist named Humphrey Davy started to build a practical source of light. He used a high powered battery to get power from two charcoal strips in the light bulb. The power between the charcoal strips made an intense light. He had done it. He made the lamp without a flame.

      Then, in 1820 Warren De la Rue attempted to make a light bulb. He used a platinum coil in an vacuum tube and passed an electric current through it. It worked! A bright common light bulb. The problem Rue’s bulb was the cost of platinum. Because of that, the light bulb seemed very impractical for common use.

       Sir Joseph William Swan finally invented a long lasting light bulb in 1878. Instead of a platinum wire he used a carbon fiber filament to light up the bulb. Of course, there have been some major improvements to the light bulb. However he was the first person who created a light bulb that was commonly used without harmful gases inside of it.

       This history about the light bulb reminds me of 2 Samuel 22:29 which says “You are my lamp
O Lord; the Lord turns my darkness into light.” The Lord is just like a light bulb to bring light into our lives.