The Phonograph

By: Gabby

We all know the nursery rhyme “Mary had a little lamb / whose fleece was white as snow / and everywhere that Mary went / the lamb was sure to go.”

Well, what does that have anything with the phonograph?

It was the first test sound that Thomas Edison used to try out his phonograph invention.

What is one thing that you would think has greatly influenced our society today? Music, right? Just like everything else, the way we hear music has an origin. It comes to us in thousands of different forms through cds, phones, iPods, and iPads. And in a way we keep our technology close to us just like that lamb was always so close to Mary. Now, instead of a lamb hugging our side, there have Walkmans or iPhones and iPods.

And everywhere we go our devices are sure to come with us.

Thomas Edison patented the phonograph on December 24, 1877, and it immediately became a success. He received $10,000 just from the beginning and he later got 20% for all manufacturing and sales of the product.

He had amazing and helpful ideas for the phonograph. One of them was for people to copy books on a disc and play it back for blind people who could not read on their own.

Edison was an incredible addition to the inventors of the 1800s, he changed our world as we saw it in more than just one way. I do believe that because of him recorded music is what it is today. Now because of him anyone can record a song and instead of having to physically play it in front of everyone they could send it out to 100 times more people.

As it says in Psalm 96:3 “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!” And Edison made it possible for God’s word to go out further than it ever would have, which is such an amazing thing!