Takashi Murakami

By Alex:


Takashi Murakami is a famous Japanese artist. He was born on February 1, 1962 in Tokyo. Although he is older, he is an idol for many Japanese youth. He works in fine arts media, such as painting and sculpture, he also works in commercial media, such as fashion, merchandise, and animation.

He founded a postmodern art movement called “superflat.” This art movement is influenced by manga and anime. In Japan, there are a group of people called Otaku, they love watch anime and read manga, they live in anime world. In Japan, a lot of people don’t like Otaku because they think Otaku is just a virtual world and avoids real life. Murakami thinks everyone has their own hobbies, they are free to enjoy their hobbies. He thinks Otaku life style should be accepted by people.

I choose to write an article about him because I have an Otaku lifestyle. I watched a lot of his works and I think they are good. He is a creative guy, he said he wanted to create arts that are not depend on previous arts. He wants give people a brand new impression about art.

I think that is God wants us to do.

Editor’s Note

Murakami’s art can be a reminder for us to be examining ourselves. Is the truth of God’s Word truly in us or are we just living by rules and tradition? Sometimes unconventional artists can encourage us to take a look at our own lives and seek growth and change instead of always staying where we are (Romans 12:1-2). The Lord Jesus is the unconventional Artist who made the heavens and the earth; “artwork” that will never replicated in the original size, scale and awe-inspiring grandeur.  You are His creation, fearfully and wonderfully made. People may at times treat you like a strange and unusual piece of art, but that’s perfectly ok. The Artist knew what He was doing when He made you in His image (Psalm 139:1-14). May the unique art of Takashi Murakami inspire you to realize the uniqueness and wonder of being a living work of art who lives in the splendor of God’s amazing creation.