Reanna G.- Art Extraordinaire

By Jessica Brock

Water Flames - Jessica Brock (1)Have you ever stopped to admire another person’s talents?

Well, this week, our assignment was just that. We had to talk to someone in our community/area, or someone deceased, that was able to use a canvas and paintbrush fairly well. The person I would be interviewing was Reanna G., Art Extraordinaire.

I had a conversation with Reanna Glueckert, a 7th grade artist here at Redwood. Reanna has been going to this school for a long time. She grew up drawing and reading books, so art is like second nature to her.

When I asked her if she loved art, she replied, “Definitely! It’s what I spend most of my time doing.” She has the capability to take Art as an elective here at school, which enhances her God-gifted ability even more.

I also asked what her favorite genre of art was; she said that she loves Anime.She likes to draw wolves and Anime. When she draws anything, she always goes over it with a black pen.

When I asked other students about Reanna’s amazing artwork, Mari Dumas, a 7th grader replied, “Sometimes I watch her draw wolves.” Reanna’s favorite types of art include sketching and Anime. She said that the person that has inspired her artwork the most, is her father.

* Reanna has a picture-making business going on, and if you would like her to make a portrait or any other type of painting, she will gladly do it (no doubt for a price).  If you want her to make you something, she specifically said that you must come up to her and ask; she will not just hand them out.

In conclusion, Reanna is a great person, inside, and out. She loves to talk about her art, and enlighten others. She’s a great artist, and deserves much more credit than people give her.  Stop by her in the hallways at school, and talk to her about her art, I’m sure she’ll gladly tell you!