The Creative Calligrapher

Haley Tang has been in art for four years, twice in middle school, twice in High School.

Her favorite mediums to work with are Calligraphy and Water color. She likes them because she says they’re peaceful and fluid.

“Every artist has good days and bad days” she said.  On one of her good days back in 6th Grade she put out a watercolor that won Best of Show at the Alameda County Fair, and that painting went on to be recognized by the Water Color Federation.

Today she has two pieces in the Office hallway. Tomorrow she hopes to take her art skills with her into the graphic design and visual art world. She also has wanted to do animation for a while now.

Remember that as our artists are making beautiful pieces of art, God is really the ultimate artist, for in Genesis 1:1 we read He created the heavens and the earth, and he went on to create the most beautiful things; creations that we can only attempt to replicate.