Shining Brightly for the Least of These

By Gabby Juslin – Talon Staff Writer

Like the stars in the sky, there are important things in life that shine, and shape our world. Stars are an incredible things, they shine all day and night, even though we can’t see them when it’s light outside they are still present.

NGC1788 Rigel amidst nebula
Out of the billion stars in the sky, some of them stick out because they are special. One special star is named Rigel, pictured above in just left of center in bright blue amidst the hot, glowing gas and dust of the nebula NGC 1788. It is the 7th brightest star and yet sometimes it can shine brighter than Betelgeuse. Since it has been found it has been a guide for all the stars around it.

This can translate to how people who do their best working in the community today. They sometimes can be pushed aside because other people don’t think what they do is important.

However, when they are needed others see how important they really are.

For example, charities like food banks and homeless shelters help our community and are working day and night even when people don’t know it. It is amazing how many volunteers work without getting a single thanks from the people that they are working for. Even though they should be given the biggest gratitude, what they do is so important to making our community whole.

During a math field trip this last week students went down to the Alameda County food bank to help pack fresh fruits and vegetables. They worked for 8 hours in total and when we took a tour of the warehouse the manager said they were greatly appreciated for all of our work. Even though some of it might be tough God told us in Acts 20:35 ‘In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

Food Bank helpers