Leo’s Light

I recently had a conversation with my friend Leo Ding yesterday. I asked him what good things he did this past week.

He thought a long time about this question, and he said he did many good things.

First, he said he paid attention in at school and he turned in his homework on time every day. He also got A on his economics test. He likewise helped many other Chinese students with their studies. He told me he is very happy he can help other people.

He did many good things at home too. He helped his roommate move stuff and helped his host family did chores, such as wash dishes, take out the trash, clean floors, water the flowers and clean the bathroom.

After talking to Leo I have changed something in my mind about him. I thought he was a guy who only knows how to play computer games every day, but now I think he is a kind person and a hard-working student.

The other thing I learned was we should not look a person from outside, we really should take time to understand them.

Leo showed me that the “brightness” of someone’s light, like a star itself, comes from the inside. He is like what the Bible says. His good works show that he is wise.