Consider the Birds of the Air – A Wild Ending to Game 3

Never give up.

One of the wildest finishes to a World Series game happened last night in St. Louis.

A rare “obstruction” call in the bottom of the ninth inning gave the St. Louis Cardinals a 5-4 victory over the Boston Red Sox in game three of a seven-game series. The Cards now lead the series 2-1.

So what happened?

In attempting to run home after a bad throw to third base by Boston catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia, St. Louis Cardinals’ Allen Craig took off for home plate but ended up stumbling over the legs of Boston third baseman Will Middlebrooks after he dove for the ball.

The errant throw by Saltalamacchia ended up in foul territory behind third base. As Boston left-fielder Daniel Nava scurried in and lined the ball toward home, third-base umpire Jim Joyce instantly called “obstruction.”

Though Nava’s throw was in time and Craig had clearly been tagged out, home plate umpire Dana DeMuth called Craig “safe”, pointing to Joyce, calling out “Obstruction, obstruction.” Boston players were not happy.

MLB rules state that a defensive player is not allowed to prevent the advance of a runner if the defensive player is not in possession of the ball. If obstruction occurs, the runner is awarded the next base.

Had Craig not tried to advance, however, there would have been no call.

Craig knew what was at stake and scrambled down the third base line as fast as his legs would take him. He made it. Busch Stadium erupted in a roar.

Folks, there’s a great lesson here.

“Consider the birds of the air,” Jesus tells us.

Indeed. Take to heart the determination of the Redbirds’ Allen Craig in last night’s game.

Don’t quit. Your heavenly Father watches out for you and knows what hinders and obstructs you from advancing toward “home.”

The enemy will try to trip you up and cause you to stumble and fall, but by God’s strength, keep going. God knows the rules and He knows why you’re down. You’ll make it home. Even if you have to scramble or crawl. When you trip and fall, get up. Go. You’re surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, cheering you on.

Last night, umpires Jim Joyce and Dana DeMuth knew the rules of the game and knew what they were doing. In one of the rarest endings to a World Series game ever, they made the right call for all the players involved. In all the drama and craziness of your own life, the Lord Jesus will do the same for you. He knows. He sees. He cares. Don’t quit. He’s leading you home.

As the Psalmist says, “The steps of a man are established by the LORD, when he delights in his way; though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong, for the LORD upholds his hand.”

Keep going, Eagles of Redwood. No matter what hinders you, God will see to it you arrive safely “home.”

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