Sardines and Swing Tires – Senior Unity Day a Blast

Every year the Seniors at Redwood have a Unity Day.

The purpose for Unity Day is to unite the Seniors in their last year here at RCS. This year our Unity Day was amazing.

The day started with all of us meeting at the school and painting our cars with “Class of 2014” and “Seniors”. Then we all left for the park where pastor James Teyler talked to us about the importance of friendship and unity and how they change lives and last a lifetime.

Afterward, we started a game where we made two circles and the instructors gave us some questions to ask each other, to get more familiar with one another. This was very valuable because some people had never spoken to others before , but now we were all able to work together.

Next was a game of capture the flag, then some free time. All the boys loved free time because they were able to play basketball, but my friends and I went to the park up the hill. We were able to act like little kids again playing on Tire Swingthe structure and swinging on the swings. We found it pretty funny when a five-year- old little girl came along and went on the tire swing with Natasha Anderson . We were truly having fun with each other!

After our free time we got all-you-can-eat Rigatoni’s pasta and salad. There was so much food we had enough leftover salads to feed a tree full of squirrels. Being the overly active Seniors that we are, full tummies did not stop us from playing the most epic game of Hide-and-Seek, or “Sardines” as Mr. Hendren called it. We some two acres of land in which to hide – and trust me when I say this – people hid as far away as could. Clare Dunnegan started us off as our volunteer finder, and it took her and the rest of the class at least an hour to round up everyone else. Mr. Hendren and Cordon Moog were the last two to be found, I believe they were hiding in trees.

What a day! it was tiring and hot but that didn’t stop us from having a great time being together.

As it says in Ephesians 4:1-3 it talks about the church being unified in the Christian fellowship. Being able to have good fun with one another in a godly surrounding. We are one body as a class and the only way to work to our best ability is to do it together.