Redwood Sage

Have you ever have see a sage-like man walking in the hallway with a huge white bag and picking up cans from cabbage bin? He is just like a scientist from a comic book! That’s Mr. Sugimura. Students love him.

“He keep every things in his classroom. He has been keeping a jar of M&Ms for like at least two years. Once he pull some on the floor for an experiment and then put them back into the jar!”

“Mr. Sugimura is sooooo nice!”

“He is always picking up cans unless he is on his way to pick up cans.”

“A Japanese who knows less Japanese than me.”

“My favourite teacher in Redwood!”

Mr. Sugimura has been teaching at Redwood for 32 years. Also he is the janitor of the elementary school. At first, he only taught one period. Now, he teaches Physics, Chemistry, AP Calculus and Advanced Math although his favorite subject is still Physics. Like gravity itself, God has kept Mr. Sugimura in regular orbit around RCS.

 “As a Christian,” he said “the reason I have been here for thirty-two years is God has a plan for my life and he wants me to be here, to teach students.”

Thank you Mr. Sugimura for your dedication and faithfulness to God’s calling on your life at Redwood.