Hebrew Word of the Week

Bread in HebrewOk! Happy Sunday to everyone. Welcome to the Hebrew Word of the Week! Three consonants and two vowel sounds.

Reading from right to left, the first letter is called a “lamedh” (the “h” is silent). It is the traditional “L” sound in English.

Underneath the lamedh are what appear to be a cluster of grapes. This is called a “seghol” and is the “e” sound we hear in “met” and “set”.

Combine the lamedh and the seghol and you have “le” as in “let”.

Next is a “het” kind of a combination of the “h” and “k” sound, something not unlike a bit of throat clearing is involved.

Under the het is another seghol with the same short “e” sound as is under the lamedh.

So now we have “le” and “khe”.

The final block letter is a “mem” and gives us the traditional “m” sound.

All together, now! “Le-khe-m”.


But what’s it mean? Well, Jesus said he was the “lekhem” of life. If you put the Hebrew word for “house” in front of it you get “Bethlehem” which means house of lekhem.

Also, man cannot live on lekhem alone.

Did you figure out last week’s word?


“Kokabim” is ancient Hebrew for “stars”.