By Katie Calonje

IMG_0161Sometimes in life, we get surrounded by the craziness and business in our lives and we don’t stop to look around and realize the beauty that nature brings and God brings to the world. With our lives in school, outside of school such as sports, we get so involved with the world and even social media sites that we don’t stop and just appreciate what we have already that God gave us, and one of those things is the beauty of nature. This week I asked my aunt on why she started her garden and gardening and she was pregnant. She replied saying,”Well I wanted a hobby that is relaxing to me and I needed some peaceful time. Also the first thing I want my baby to see when he’s born is there are so many beautiful things in the world and when he grows up he see it too.” I think that we all need to stop being stressful and appreciate the works that God has made.

In John 1:3 it says “All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.” All things including nature was made by God and we need to respect nature too. We should be taking care of it not destroying it. Maybe in the craziness of school, just take a couple seconds to breathe in nature and embrace its beauty.

Emily Dickinson wrote:

“Nature” is what we see—

The Hill—the Afternoon—

Squirrel—Eclipse— the Bumble bee—

Nay—Nature is Heaven—

Nature is what we hear—…

Nay—Nature is Harmony—

Nature is what we know—

Yet have no art to say—

So impotent Our Wisdom is

To her Simplicity.


Here she explains that “nature is heaven” implying that it was God’s work that made this and that we are connected to nature through God. Nature’s simplicity out does our wisdom as humans. Nature is so essential to our beings, even trees give us oxygen to breathe and it is a true form of God’s work. Appreciate what you have everyday.