Early mornings

By Zachary Harmon


“It’s six AM and your hand can’t make it to the alarm clock before the voices in your head star telling you its too early, too dark, and too cold to get out of bed.” That’s how far the gravely voice gets before I frantically start hitting my phone to shut off my alarm at 5:30 on a weekend. That just means its time to get up, and get to the pool

There is something about the hours before the sun on a weekend. It seems as if I have the world to myself. The only people out and about it seems are the other nine people heading to the pool, and maybe a deer.

It’s quiet.

It’s dark, but you aren’t tired. there are fewer people wandering about (there are always people walking around Hayward).

The sensation is one unlike any other, tackling the day before everyone else. Its almost like being the first to pull the tab on the Oreo container.

There is a theme in the Bible of early morning prayer and meditation. Remember that time in Mark when Jesus went out in the morning and his disciples were confused when they got up and he wasn’t around? Then in Acts 5, after an angel of the Lord busted the apostles out of jail, they were up at the temple at the break of day. Also in both Mark and Luke, the women were at Jesus tomb early in the morning.

Why are they up so early? Because there are things to do. I start out a weekend’s day with an hour’s swim because its physical activity that will both wake me up and give me time to think. After that, its 7 AM and I have 14ish hours to seize.

Go out and actually seize the day. Set your alarm for before the sun. Go to bed early.

Don’t just say “Carpe Diem” because it sounds cool. Actually seize the day. Or take it up a notch and conquer the day.