The Real Deal

By Alex Wang
Last week I shared with you something about the real China, this week I would like to talk about the real Chinese food.

Maybe you do not like Chinese food, but the Chinese food you had may not have been authentic Chinese food.

I have had Chinese food in America, and I do not want to have it anymore. The Chinese food in America is called American Chinese food. I am not saying all the Chinese restaurants here are bad, but if you want to have a really delicious and authentic Chinese meal in the U.S, you should go to Chinatown in San Francisco. If you do not go to Chinatown and want to have an authentic Chinese meal, it may be very expensive. Normal Chinese restaurants on the street are American Chinese food.

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Why do people make American Chinese food instead of authentic Chinese food? I think the first reason is they are American Chinese, they were not born in China, or maybe their parents taught them something about how to cook Chinese food, but they did not learn very well, or their parents were not good at cooking Chinese food.

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Making a real Chinese meal is a complicated process. How much soy sauce should you use? How much salt should you use? everything is very important for the final course. If you miss anything, the meal will not taste good.
My recommendation to you for real Chinese food is to visit China. But if you cannot get there, visiting Chinatown would be a good idea.

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