The Oddball


What do you know about the seventh planet from our sun?

Well aside from some basic facts, even astronomers have to say, “Not a whole lot.” They think at some point in the life of the smooth, blue sphere at the far reaches of our solar system it was knocked out of kilter by some unidentifiably huge object – another planet, an asteroid perhaps. Folks aren’t entirely sure why Uranus rolls on its “side” as it does.

Whatever the case, our distant sideways neighbor down at the end of the street seems to be perfectly happy spinning about in blissful unconformity to the rest of his planetary brethren.

He has, for example, his north and south poles in the position of where all the other planets have their equator. In addition to that, Uranus rotates on its axis in the opposite direction of everyone else. Sunrise in his world happens in the west while sunset takes place in the east.

Ever feel like that sometimes? Or maybe you’ve got a neighbor on your street who parks their car on the lawn and grows stuff in the driveway? Maybe you have a friend at school whose belt is just a bit higher or glasses a bit thicker, or freckles a bit more numerous or has hair which refuses to obey fashionable social conventions.

Uranus is also the only planet to have a Greek instead of a Roman name.

But I’m not so sure Uranus cares that much about what the “in crowd” of other planets closer to the sun would have to say about him.

After all, what do we warmer planets know about temperatures which get to 370 degrees below zero?

That’s like people in Florida being critical of how folks in northern Minnesota shovel snow.

Or maybe it’s the speed of the winds on Uranus which keep it rolling on edge. It would not be an ideal spot for a future America’s Cup given the fact that winds can reach well over 500 miles per hour underneath its smooth, blue exterior.

But in the end Uranus is still a planet after all, and does what His Creator designed him to do. He obeys the laws of physics and is held in check by the great luminous shepherd of our little flock of heavenly spheroids.

What may seem “odd” to us is perfectly acceptable to our Heavenly Father. In fact, He is the Lord of the outcast, the downtrodden and the lonely. The Lord Jesus knows what it’s like to be different. But simply because you may be a bit socially awkward or different that others, doesn’t mean you don’t have a place in the neighborhood.

So what if you spin sideways and have a slightly different perspective on sunrises and sunsets? You may seem like you exist in a world where the wind speeds reach 500 miles per hour and wreak havoc on your ability to organize your papers and homework. But that’s ok. The Lord Jesus knows your struggles and still loves you very much. Call on him (and ask a parent or teacher to help you organize or chase after your windblown homework!) even if you’re feeling like your spinning backward at the edge of the solar system.

You’re still revolving around the Son, remember. He still has you in His hands.

Thanks to and a wonderful devotional book The Heavens, Intimate Moments With Your Majestic God by Kevin Hartnett “The Different One” pages 62-63 for the information and ideas about Uranus.